I’m Inke Graf and I love exciting advertising and marketing projects. I worked for large companies for 12 years and now I’m a freelancer, working mostly for end customers but also as a project manager in agencies to cover short-term peaks in workloads. I consult on marketing strategy, design for Print and Digital, have a passion for copywriting and implement individual projects, campaigns or events. I live in the Bavarian Forest, but I’m also available for my customers across Germany.



Marketing Concepts, Text, Project Management

If you need short, medium or long-term support with marketing or project management and like efficient work with short decision-making paths, we’ll be a good match. The name “faires marketing” says it all: I deal fairly with everyone involved in the project, from customers to graphic or web designers. When I organize cooperation, I always aim to achieve an advantageous result for everyone, but also to encourage a relaxed way of working.

I can support you in the following areas:

Marketing concept development

Do you need (new) strategic positioning for your brand? Or a website, brochures or a complete communication concept? Then you’ve come to the right place!

I’d love to manage your advertising presence and support you with individual advertising activities or complete marketing planning, all planned to be right for the target-group. I’m also happy to develop an Online, Content Marketing, Content Management or Digital Strategy and implement it for you.

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Text and translations

Do you need texts for your website, for public relations, brochures, videos, campaigns or something similar? Would you like texts which speak to your target group and which are short, snappy and easy to understand? I’d be happy to do this for you: communication, writing and content creation are my passion, whether online or offline, for digital or print!

I’d be happy to translate your English or Spanish marketing texts for you! I love foreign languages. The English language has been part of my career since the start and I am confident in Spanish after three years in Chile. However, I only offer translations from English and Spanish into German and not the other way round. I am not a qualified translator, but I translate in a way that resonates with your target group.

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Project management and event management

Do you need to cover holiday periods or parental leave in your company? Do you need short- or medium-term support in your agency or company with the implementation of digital and print campaigns or marketing projects? I would be happy to support you on an interim basis, or also as an integral part of your company with long-term cooperation on a project basis.

I am also happy to plan and hold events for you.

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